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We sponsor research to bring about change in how women and girls are dealt with in the criminal justice system

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Image of Fellow Hazel Renouf
Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 08:53am

Today we are hosting a seminar at the Barrow Cadbury Foundation to promote Hazel Renouf's research on the 'Resettlement experiences of street sex-working women on release from prison'.  This is not the first time that the society has supported research on aspects of the treatment of one of the most vulnerable groups found in the criminal justice system. Hazel's work highlights that leaving prison is particularly challenging for street sex working women given the complexity of their needs and the dangers facing them in the community.  As Hazel says,

"Without adequate support and services in place to meet their needs, they are vulnerable to ongoing violence and abuse".

This study explores the experiences of street sex working women around resettlement and gives them a voice.

For a short Blog from Hazel about her research which she has done for the Criminal Justice Alliance, see here