We sponsor research to bring about change in how women and girls are dealt with in the criminal justice system

Who we are

Picture of trustee Sally Dickinson

Sally Dickinson - Secretary

Sally studied theology at Bristol University and law at Bristol Polytechnic whilst working for the Inland Revenue and then the Law Society. In 1984 she moved to London and joined the charitable sector - developing materials and policy at Apex Trust, the ex-offender employment organisation.

Sally joined the Magistrates' Association in 1992 and was its chief executive for over fifteen years, taking a sideways move to concentrate on policy development in 2010 before retiring in 2012. Her time at the Magistrates' Association saw an increase in partnership working and the development of a wide network that included government departments, prison and probation associations, research establishments and reform groups.

In her final year with the MA she coordinated the production of the policy report The Magistracy in the 21st Century (Magistrates' Association, 2012) and was assistant editor of The Magistracy at the Crossroads (Waterside Press, 2012).